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JW Young

JW Young Parts

I have parts for JW Young postwar reels.

Latch plates
complete latch assemblies
pawl springs
spring stanchions (screw/ nut)
rivet pawl stanchions
spindle runout screws
Landex latch plates
Condex thrust washers
foot screws
Clip line guards for 3-1/2" MW 
and 3-1/2" narrow

I also have these Medalist parts 

One Pfoot drag screw for a 1495
Original resin latch plate from Akron reel, ivory color, EX

I can convert any postwar JW Young fly reel to LHW, including moving over the line guard.
(oops, NOT Landex)


I can also convert Meeks and Hardy Uniquas to LHW


The YoungPfoot

Please note that Bill Franke has made Young replacement feet a part of the standard product line at One Pfoot

here's a brass Young Pfoot on a 3" Pridex


Mechanical bits

Link - answers to a few FAQs about adjusting reels.

thanks to Maniac for this great photo

Searching for the Missing Young

I've seen them marked for Wm. Mills & Son, Richardson, Lyon & Coulson, Abbey & Imbrie, Edward vom Hofe, Weber, and Canadian merchants. Has anybody seen the Young patterns 14a and 15a marked for F.E. Thomas?



It's very likely that Thomas Rods simply sold these reels in the Young box shown below, but if you do run across a marked FE Thomas reel, please let me know - thanks !


imagePtarmigan Creek, Alaska

Next question

Does anybody know of a between-the-wars business connection between Young and Shakespeare or Ingliss (Canada)?

Or did Young just have a fondness for the Shakespeare box?








yet more fishing stuff



imageShotguns and flyreels are jewelry for men



yet even more fishing stuff














I'm really not showing off here, I'm just trying to get my cats whisker out of her mouth









Mueller Falls, Guadalupe River, Texas

for Sale

My reels have been fully rebuilt, and optimized for function.  I support them with parts and adjustments if ever needed. 
The standard 3-day inspection policy of Clark's board applies, and I have been known to take trade-ins after 6 months and longer. 
The tuning I do makes my reels function better than they did when new. 
Young reels I have designated as LHW (left-hand-wind), I do so because it's an accomplishment. 
With every postwar Young reel I rebuild and tune, I go through a stack of new pawls to find the one that works best for this reel. 
If you need a RHW reel, by all means let me know, because I can "put them back" (or may have another in the wings for you).  
If interested, please contact me through the yuku pm (message button to the left)
I accept payment by paypal or money order, and I will always entertain reasonable offers. 
Thanks for looking.  
Ron Mc

3-1/2" MW Mucilin Brand - Young - Reversible  SOLD 

Somewhat rare Thames Tackle Mucilin Brand reel in mint condtion, made by JW Young.  
I have lined the reel but never fished it.  
It's not quite the same reel as a Young 1525, because in place of the newer adjustable BFR-style check, it has the venerable Young-style check, which is not adjustable.  (But is better, IMO)
A fine-toothed drag gear makes the check buttery smooth, and who needs adjustable on a palming rim reel.  
Capacity is a DT6 or WF9, it includes 80 yards backing, and I'll throw in a nice suede reel case.  
I currently have it wound for LHW, but can provide RHW.  
image  image  image  image  image  SOLD 
sorry about the glare on the backplate photo - it's the finish of the reel, but it doesn't show the really classy label on the backplate.  This is a cool reel.  Really.  
Asking $135 shipped, insured - OBO - (within US - I can quote international shipping)

Thanks for looking !!!
8' Heddon #14 1-3/4 ferrule - 4/5-wt - excellent

never mind, what was I thinking?  


3-1/2" Pridex - LHW Conversion  SOLD

I completely rebuilt this reel, converted it to LHW by reshaping and retempering the springs, and installed a new pawl.  
It's a fixed check, and I adjusted it to a "solid medium"  But the LHW function is very nice.  
It's missing some paint, but has a good base bronzing, and is free of corrosion.  
It's ready to fish for the next 60 years in wrong hand wind.  
Capacity is DT4 or WF7 with usable backing.  (Some people put a DT5 on these, I don't know how).  
Weight, a bit over 6 ounces, is perfect to balance 7-1/2' to 8-1/2' cane or glass.  
It has the square-ended foot will fit most applications including most sliding bands, and is perfect for the Granger patent seat.  
Asking $85, shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping)
th_lhprid1.jpg  th_lhprid5.jpg  th_lhprid3.jpg  th_lhprid6.jpg  th_lhprid7.jpg   
c. 1930 First Model Shakespeare Russell - LHW  SOLD

The first model Russell was made between 1928 and 1934.  It has the two-spring, diamond-pawl check.  
Don't confuse this reel with the model HE or postwar GE - there is a night and day difference in quality.  
I doubt if this reel has ever been fished.  While its paint is not perfect, it's close enough.  Coined frame edges and ivorine handle.  
The beauty of the check is that wind and pay are separately adjustable in either direction.  
I have it set up for LHW, and it's ready to go fishing.  
Capacity is a DT6 and I'll include enough backing on it for a DT5.  
It's a fairly light reel, under 6 ounces.  The small foot on this reel should fit most any application , and it's perfect on pocketed seats - South Bend, Heddon, and the Granger patent seat.  
Asking $145 shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping). 
th_russell1.jpg th_russell5.jpg th_russell3.jpg th_russell6.jpg th_russell7.jpg SOLD
3-1/2" Beaudex - LHW Conversion  SOLD

The box is beat, but for 60 years it's held a jewel - a nearly new Beaudex.  
I completely rebuilt it and converted it to LHW.  
Function is perfect - starts off light and drag comes on quickly with the regulator.  
It's ready to fish for the next 60 years -  in perfect wrong hand wind.  
Capacity is DT4 or WF7 with usable backing.  (Some people put a DT5 on these, I don't know how).  
Weight, a bit over 6 ounces, is perfect to balance 7-1/2' to 8-1/2' cane or glass.  
I reached into my parts box and pulled out my last square ended-foot.  Paint is not perfect, but it makes up for it with perfect shape. 
The square-ended foot will fit most applications including most sliding bands, and is perfect for the Granger patent seat.  
Of course I'm including the original chromed foot.  
Asking $130, shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping)
th_335beau1.jpg  th_335beau5.jpg  th_335beau3.jpg  th_335beau6.jpg  th_335beau7.jpg  SOLD
Vintage Silk Line - HEH (DT5)  

This is a very nice high quality braid. 
Strong - I test it by tightening a perfection loop in one end, and visually examine it for flaws, cuts and mildew - none - it's excellent.  . 
Full tapers on both ends.  
It will need refurbishing.  
I never sell these unless they're good lines. 
Asking $35 shipped (within US - I can quote international shipping). SOLD

Pflueger Gem 2094 - RHW, and a Real Gem SOLD

You can find a Gem for less money, but you won't find a nicer Gem anywhere. 
This reel was essentially new in the box, dated May 1942, but with the handle rotted away. 
The original gunmetal finish is near-perfect. 
I installed a new One Pfoot handle, which speaks for itself, tuned the spring to my likes and fished it just a bit. 
But I find myself reaching more often for my click-pawl early Medalists, and someone should be fishing this reel. 
If there's a such thing as a pimped out Gem, this is it. 
I also installed a black anodized Classic One Pfoot,  and the weight of this reel is down to four ounces and change..
This is a great click-pawl reel for lighter and shorter rods - all the capacity of a 1494 and lighter than a 1492. 
Great for up to DT4 or WF5 with backing.  I'm also including the backing on the reel. 
The foot will fit the Skinniest of modern sliding bands. 
There are about $70 worth of parts on this reel, plus I'm throwing in a nice shearling-lined heavy canvas case, and of course I'm including the original box and foot. 
Asking $125, shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping)
th_gem.jpg  th_gem3.jpg th_gem1.jpg  th_gem4.jpg   th_gem8.jpg SOLD
Alcedo Micron VG+ SOLD

This is a better than very good reel.  
Mechanically it rates a 9, which is as high as you can give a used reel.  
Winds easily and has a very smooth drag with a wide adjustment.  
Cosmetically it's a 7, but still very nice.  
It has a very strong bail spring, which is rare on these reels.  
The perfect UL reel to match your best UL rod, venerable glass or cane.  
Asking $95 shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping).  
th_micron0.jpg  th_micron4.jpg  th_micron7.jpg  th_micron1.jpg  th_micron6.jpg  th_micron2.jpg  th_micron5.jpg SOLD

Mushroom Rocks, Guadalupe River, Texas

Thanks for looking !!! 

Russian River, Alaska 

3-1/2" MW - WF9 or DT6 with 75 yds backing          
3-1/2" contracted - WF7 or DT4 with 50 yds backing
3-1/4" - WF6 or DT4 with 30 yds backing                 
3" - WF4 or DT3 with 20 yds backing                       
I clean and repair vintage reels 

image image image image   
leonard041.jpg  leonard061.jpg

image Kenai Lake, Alaska 

Sorry, not for sale

This is my c.1937-9 Ogden Smiths Exchequer.
(The rod is my 8' 3/2 DR Stone FE Thomas light special.)
The reel is probably the nicest example in the world and I should be ashamed for planning to fish it. It had never been lined until I did it last week. I have other reels for this rod as well, including a very fine 3" Dingley and 3" Young perfect, so I may not fish it "much".

I've had the reel in my collection for a couple of years now but couldn't get it apart. Oil that I had put on the bearings finally wetted between the spindle, the the reel glided apart when I tried it last week. The spool is supported by two Hoffmann aircraft control system ball bearings separated by a brass spacer. There was really nothing internally to clean, but I lubed for safe fishing, reassembled and lined it.

I've researched this reel in just about as much detail as I can from this side of the pond. Low end is "pinned" by JW Young sliding agate patent, 1937. Top end is pinned by the War - 1940.
here's the catalog page, which is not dated, but must fit the same date range.
image image
It's the 90s flyreel from 1939. Palming rim, variable disc drag, spool riding on two precision ball bearings. The click-pawl can be disengaged for free-spooling or silent drag. While it doesn't exactly have a clutch, tightening the centrebrake with the click-pawl engaged still maintains a good differential between wind and pay. The foot is solid nickel., which became an OS trademark sometime between the wars.

I've even researched the Hoffmann bearings. Knowing that JW Young was building the firing trigger mechanism for Hurricane and, later, Spitfire fighters, I've wondered if this reel was designed to mask the boxes of aircraft control system ball bearings turning up at the Mayfield Works.
image image
image image


Phillipson Glass

LL Bean Featherweight (Equivalent to MF66)

LLBean Featherweight (Equivalent to MF70)
how about me? I went off and sold this one, but replaced it with an Orvis Fullflex built on the same blank...

MF 70 (OK, I like these - this one is metal ferrule)

EF76 (*sigh*- belongs to a friend)
E80 (these were never cataloged)

EF80S from blank 

and a little Japanese glass - Axisco 6-pc. 7' 3-wt., with Hermit Fly Shop HMT Series 3 reel

Quiet Loop VF805 w/ Fishon Agate No. 3, s/n 001


Lyon & Coulson Varden - Young Pattern 15a, c. 1940
image image
image image image image image
What to do when a Mint reel has edge wear from 70 years in the box...

image image

Seco Creek, Texas
and now for something completely different....

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